Located in the north of the Punjab Province, Sarai Alamgir isone of the three tehsils of the Gujrat District. In 1976 Sarai Alamgir wasgranted the level of Municipal Committee. After the implementation of PunjabLocal Government ordinance 2001, it was raised to the status of TehsilMunicipal Administration (TMA). In the past, people of influence would build a‘Sarai’ which loosely translated meant caravan stations that consisted of adrinking well, a play area and a resting place for people.


Strategicallylocated on the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) and Jhelum River Sarai Alamgir wasfound by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Over time, Sarai Alamgir developed intoa central town for adjoining village populations. A historic Cross Road SaraiAlamgir witnessed the battle of the Hydaspes that took place between the armiesof Alexander the Great and the Great King Porus as it is located near theancient Alexandrian city of Bucephala and the magnificent Rohtas Fort.


Withtradition and history to its name, Sarai Alamgir participated in the IndusValley Civilization and the Gandhara civilization and is steadily transforminginto a bustling town of modern Residential and commercial housing societiesideal for all your lifestyle requirements.